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  • Tp1300ls

    I was in a local Home Depot today and sitting with all of the 4330's was a brand new in the box TP1300LS. I wrote down the upc and had the service desk do a price check. It rang up at $399. Isn't this particular unit a couple of models old not too mention a couple of years old? What would be a fair price to talk to the manager about? Is the 4330 that much more advanced than this one? Advice?? I need a planer.

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    Re: Tp1300ls


    I really don't know what a fair price would be on a NIB TP1300LS. I know I paid about $300 for mine at the time the R4330 had just arrived.

    I hadn't seen the R4330 yet. I knew it was coming, but there was no news, specs or anything to be found here on the web site or anywhere else that I looked. I did know that the Ryobi TP1300 (similar in design, but not as substantially built) had been replaced the year before with their TP1301 and that replacement was a much lesser unit, stripped down, no feed table, etc.

    I was concerned that the R4330 might be the same, so when the local store got down to the very last Ridgid TP1300LS (and with no new model in sight), I bought it and put it away until my shop get's completed. (It still sits, NIB.)

    As luck would have it, the new R4330, showed up the very next morning (part of the Home Depot deceit that I have become used to).

    But, on close observation, I decided to keep my new Ridgid TP1300 as it has an excellent reputation with many positive reviews. The new R4330 does not employ a cutter head lock, as the new design supposedly alleviates the need. The R4330 also has a 3-blade cutter head, and a redesigned chip chute. It does not come with a leg set or and extra set of blades, like the TP1300.

    However, there have been some reports of the R4330 cutting head moving during operation. While these appear to be very few, it makes me think it may be a problem on some units. As far as the 3-blade cutter is concerned, I'm sure it gives a better finish (or it should anyway) than a 2-blade cutter. But that said, the TP1300 was well known for it's ability to leave a great surface after planing. So really, how much better does one need it. (and I sort of really like sanding.. if that's even necessary).

    So, I guess if you could talk the guys down to maybe $200 or better you'd have a pretty good deal in my book. Others might disagree, and I'm sure they'll join in with their opinion.

    But, to my knowledge, the TP1300LS is NOT several models old... it was the last model before the current R4330. It has a cutter head lock, extra set of blades, and a leg set, which the R4330 does not. The R4330 does have a 3-blade cutter head. I'm not sure if there are advantages to the new dust shute or in any other build feature. The TP1300 had been around for a number or years and has a great many fans.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Tp1300ls

      since i had the same experience just last week, i thought this thread might be of some help:

      the harbor freight coupon thing seems to be a store by store thing. i just kept reviewing the differences between the 1300 and the 4330 and asking for a reduction. i also brought in copies of the web pages for the two planers, with the 1300 being shown in the "product archive" section of the ridgid website. good luck.
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