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ridgid drill press questions???

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  • ridgid drill press questions???

    What's the difference between an older dp1500 and the dp1550?

    With the clearances lately which are not in my area (yet) is it worth buying a mint condition dp1500 for 150.00?


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    Re: ridgid drill press questions???

    My DP1550 was manufactured in 2002, I believe, and is the older gray color scheme. It is also made in China, like the new "orange" units and other than "cosmetics" they are the same machine.

    So, my guess on a DP1500 would be that it could possibly be made in the U.S.A., but may be of China or Taiwan origin and is probably at least nine years old.

    Design-wise, the only difference that I know of is with the quill, which at one time (prior to my DP1550) was slotted to enable the use of a "drift key" in the removal of the chuck assembly. I'm not sure at one point that design change came into being, but would think that would have been enough to require the model change from "1500" to "1550".

    If that is so, then the chuck it'self would have probably been mounted different (still, both are friction fit) with perhaps a different taper. On my model and I believe the current model, the quill shaft is solid (no slot) and the chuck is fitted to the quill via a Jacob's #3 taper, I believe. (The chuck is marked JT3# CAP16MM.) To remove the chuck, you sort of have to use a mallet to carefully hammer it off, by striking the top edge of the chuck, while slowly rotating the quill... until you broke the friction fit of the taper loose from the quill shaft.

    On the previous model (if I recall my reading of the manual correctly) the chuck also was friction fitted to the quill shaft, but in that model, the shaft was slotted through it's center line and you used a "drift key" through this slot, as a way of removing the chuck. However, I do not know if the chuck taper was the same and I'd probably go so far as to presume it was different, in order to facilitate the use of a drift key.

    There are no other differences that I am aware of, but then I've not seen the product, only it's operator's manual.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful,