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3300 lacks pressure

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  • 3300 lacks pressure

    Output pressure on my 2 year old 3300psi/2.8 gpm unit is low. Pulled the pressure relief valve (no rust or lime). I called Ridgid Tech Dept, and a rather helpful woman suggested that I do the following:
    1. make sure the switch is "OFF",
    2. attach a 3-4 foot length of garden hose to the water inlet
    3. pour in a few ounces of LimeAway
    4. Pull the cord a coupla times, (yes, the switch was "OFF"
    5. Wait 3-4 hours to loosen lime deposits.

    Sounded good, but no luck. (I was unaware, and I did not properly put the liquid "pump protector" that she recommended (sold at HD) AFTER I stored it outdoors through 2 winters). Any suggestions out there?

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    Re: 3300 lacks pressure

    You might try and run a couple of cans of pump conditioner through it to loosen up whatever is plugging it up (probably corrosion or hard water build up). That may loosen up what the LimeAway has worked on. Sears and Lowe's carry pump conditioner in aerosol cans so you don't have to pull the start cord over and over. The HD brand conditioner does not come in a pressurized can.

    Your last resort would be to send it to Ridgid, or find a Cat pump repair shop.

    Good luck, Ern
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      Re: 3300 lacks pressure

      The PumpSaver definitely helps not only winterize the pump, but also lubricates all moving parts to prevent corrosion, sticking parts, etc. Could be the case or if you're in Denver, CO as your info suggests you could have pump damage if it wasn't winterized properly. Later!