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    Hey everyone. (I also posted this in the woodworking side) I'm new here and new to woodworking. I'v been in the military for 18 years and getting close to starting to be a Civilian again and wont to buy a house and get into DIY. I always dreamt about getting into wood working, especialy furniture building. I want to start my colection of tools. I want to start collecting the Dewalt Cordless tools. I do have a question-The first tool I want to get is a cordless Brad Gun for home projects more so for makeing furniture which is best the 15, 16, or 18 Gage nailers? Say if I want to build a china hutch which one would you use? I'm hopeing to get one or two tools a year and thanks for a help

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    Re: New here

    For woodworking, 18ga brad nailer and a 23ga pin nailer. The 15ga and 16ga nailers are primarily, but not exclusively, used for carpentry work.

    Just for future reference, it usually isn't necessary to post the same thread in multiple forums. Most all of the members here will check out new threads in the tool forums. Woodworkers may not read the threads in the Plumbing/Heating/Contractor forums and vice versa but all are interested in the tool forums.

    Welcome to the group and I look forward to your future posts about your new homes DIY projects.
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      Re: New here

      welcome to the fourm,
      Good luck in your new life and on finding the home and your tool colection and building with them.
      I have a Porter-Cable FN250 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch nailer drives 16-gauge finish nails from 1'' to 2-1/2'' long, and Porter-Cable BN125A 5/8" to 1-1/4" Brad Nailer 18 gage, I have not used the smaller tool much as I jsut got it off of ebay a short time ago, and so far have no complaints with either.
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        Re: New here

        Hi Rob,

        A brad nailer is great for putting in molding and casing at your house. Have you considered going air rather than electric? You will never regret an investment in a good compressor, even though the hoses are ever-present. I do see the attraction of a cordless electric for home renovation because the hoses are a hassle, but air never has dead batteries. There are small compressors that contractors like that will run a brad nailer, floor nailer, framing nailer, roofing nailer... just something to think about.

        I use Dewalt and have had generally good luck. No doubt in my mind the first cordless I would get is the drill. I have two, it saves time with bit changes. I also have their cordless circ saw, which is handy. But I tend to use corded tools a lot, too. There's really no substitute for a Skill worm drive saw , 13 amp Milwaukee sawzall or giant 1/2 inch corded drill. I do like Dewalt but they also make some sub-par stuff.... I have their biscuit joiner and all I can say is, I wouldn't do that again.

        Good Luck!