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Dust extraction for 7" angle grinder

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  • Dust extraction for 7" angle grinder

    I recently bought a Ridgid 7" angle grinder to be used for grinding concrete in a flooring installation job. Woudl anybody know if I can buy an attachement that will fit my Ridgid 7" grinder to extract all the dust and vacuum it up with a shop vac ?

    Prompt help will be greatly appreciates since we do nee to start our job very very soon.

    Thank you

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    Re: Dust extraction for 7" angle grinder

    I have never seen any for RIDGID grinders, but they may make them.

    Bosch has some available for a few of their models.

    There are others with built-in dust collection, I have seen them in use on jobs but don't remember the makes off hand. Do some searching on Google or try , they may have the a concrete surfacing grinder from Bosch.
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      Re: Dust extraction for 7" angle grinder

      buy a spare guard, and remake it into a dust hood,
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