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12V Li-Ion - Two dead batteries

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  • 12V Li-Ion - Two dead batteries

    I've got the R82007 12V drill. I've had it for about 1-1/2 years and have used it very little. Several months ago, one of the batteries started showing defective in the charger. I wasn't too worried as I use the drill very little. Now, the second battery is showing defective.

    Of course, I can't find the receipt and when I registered it online I tried several times, but it wouldn't take the serial number. So now, the Dashboard shows 5 entries for my drill, but none with a serial number.

    Anyway, from your experience, would this be a charger problem? And if so, would this have killed the batteries?

    Since I can get a charger for less than $10 I'd go that route. Otherwise, I'll check out the similar Makita.


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    Re: 12V Li-Ion - Two dead batteries

    In my experience it would be fairly common for batteries 1-1/2 years old to show some deterioration in ability to take a full charge. I don't quite understand the defective indication and I doubt that the charger is the problem.
    To get into the solution I suggest the following. Call Ridgid customer service and explain the registration problem and ask them to check to see if they can resolve the problem or maybe provide a dispensation. Hey, you never know.
    I would take the batts, drill, and charger to an authorised Ridgid service center and ask them to test them to determine where the problem is. They might not even charge for this service as I was told it only takes a few minutes.
    Once you find out which component is the problem you can replace it........or you can follow through on your threat and purchase an entire Makita set. Be sure to throw the receipt away. I want to see the result when you experience a problem with the Makita after a year and a half and try to get it fixed without a receipt. Good luck!.....Ray
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      Re: 12V Li-Ion - Two dead batteries

      don't know about this but I put mine in the fridge for 30 min and than it took a charge. Have not had any problems with any others and I have 10 batteries as I love that drill. Mike