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Pressure Washer Extension hose or not?

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  • Pressure Washer Extension hose or not?

    Just purchased an RD80701 Pressure washer form HD. (3000psi 2.6GPM) I'm a newbie to PW's. Used it for the first time to do my my driveway and walkway. Unit works great, did a fabulous job with a surface cleaner, and easy to use. 30ft of hose is ok but, I'd like to use something longer so I don't have to move the washer numerous times doing the rest of my house. Can I buy an extension to add on or is it better to just replace it with something longer? 50ft would be good.


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    Re: Pressure Washer Extension hose or not?

    Extensions are fine as long as the additional hose meets the same specs as the original (ID, pressure rating, etc.)
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