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12" Ridgid SCMS miter saw (MS1290LZA)

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  • 12" Ridgid SCMS miter saw (MS1290LZA)


    Got a good deal at one of the local wood shows here in Canada. $400 including the stand.

    It cuts accurately and am impressed with it, especially after trialing the festool Kapex which I returned due to blade marks left on end grain on long sliding cuts.

    A few questions about the 12" Ridgid. It lacks a suitable dust collection shoot, has anyone found an aftermarket product that works with this MS. Alternatively, a shop made solution.

    I'm finding that the laser can't be adjusted correctly. I have adjusted it so its makes accurate cuts on the line when the line is sited in the fully raised position, but when the saw is lowered the laser line is about 1/8" off the mark. This seems like a design flaw with the Ridgid, the Kapex laser line was dead on the line in either the raised or lowered position. Anyone else noticed this or have comments on how to fix.

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    Re: 12" Ridgid SCMS miter saw (MS1290LZA)

    It's been two years since you wrote this post, wpeters1, but I am going to resurrect it! I have had my MS1290LZA for 2 years, but am finally getting around to using it. So far, I really like the saw. I do have exactly the same laser alignment problem that you had. The laser is adjusted correctly according to the instructions. When the blade is raised, I put the laser line right on the cut mark, but by the time I lower the blade all the way, as you commented, the laser line is off from the pencil mark by about 1/8". Did you ever find a solution for yours? Has anyone else used a good after market laser on this saw?
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