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  • Ridgid 3300 psi running problem

    I just got the new pressure washer from Home Depot today. When i start it up it idols fine, but when you press the nossel to start spraying the water the engine runs high and low. Its like up down up down up down up down......I see the choke moving back and forth every second or so. It still sprays fine but it eventually acts like it once to die on me. I did find that the fuel line where you can squeeze it to prime the fuel was cracked. I replaced it and thought i fixed it cause it ran much better. But after running about 5 min it started doing it again. It almost acks like its starving for fuel when it has to rev up, again it idols fine. I do hear backfiring once in awhile. Model is RD80702 and it has the fuel injection on it a 2009 model. Any ideas?
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    Re: Ridgid 3300 psi running problem

    Make sure the oil is at the proper level at 1/2 full.
    the proper way to check the oil is on a flat surface dip the dipstick without screwing it in. Oil level on the dipstick should be 1/2 way beween the two cross hatched areas. The engine owner's manual on the subaru website has the correct pictures. If you over fill the oil these engines espeically during break-in, can have oil issues into the air cleaner or fuel pump. The EFI engine on the RD80702 and RD80905 includes only 12 ounces of engine oil shipped with the unit. 1/2 way up the dipstick until will elimiate issues.

    there are good trouble shooting tips in the EFI specific engine service and owner's manual


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      Re: Ridgid 3300 psi running problem

      Well i think that worked!! I checked the oil and when i took out the dip stick iol pored out, dunno how so much got into it. It was full when i got it. So i tipped it and poured out some. Tryed it and it didnt do it near as much. It got dark on me so i didnt see where the level is but im sure it needs more out of it. I really appreciate the help, i was so excited to get this and i was major bummed when it didnt work well.