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how to remove saw top scratches pattern

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  • how to remove saw top scratches pattern

    I have a TS 3612 which now has scratches from the miter gauge that I would like to remove. I tried various pieces of steel wool which do not work. I then tried some 220 sandpaper trying my best to go with the grinding "grain" which seems to work pretty well except that now I can see the difference between the areas where the scratches have been removed. The issue of course is the machine tool grinding marks found on the Ridgid tops. Any tips, tricks, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I think I read somewhere a while back that someone ROSed the entire top and removed the grinding marks entirely. I have not screwed it up yet, and do not think that I want to go that far, however it might be useful to know if and how easily that could be done as a worst case scenario alternative.



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    Re: how to remove saw top scratches pattern

    I can understand you wanting your equipment to look nice but it's a table saw for crying out loud. A pristine looking 3612 would scream to me that it doesn't get used. I would look at those few scratches as character rather than damage. Unless your are very careful, taking sandpaper to your saws table top could result in damage as you could wind up with low spots. I love my 3612 and it has some scratches on the table top but it is after all a tool and not a coffee table.
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