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R2930 combo Oxidation issues

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  • R2930 combo Oxidation issues

    Need some advice from the experts,please! I purchased this router combo back in 2007. Granted I thought this would be perfect set up,mount the fixed base to an extension wing on my 3650 table saw,and have plunge base to do any upright routing as I needed.
    Here is the problem; Why is it that every time i need to change bases, I have to break out either some fine sand paper or use a brass wire wheel to remove the oxidation on both router motor housing,and both bases?
    Anyboby else have this problem? Is thier any way to prevent this oxidation from happening? Perhaps one of the Ridgid guys on this forum can shed some light on this matter?
    One other issue I have is, changing router bits. Every bit I put in this router is like being a dentist to try and get the bit out. Am I the only person that has this problem with this router?
    Kinda frustrating when your in the middle of a project and have to stop to do maintenance on your equipment, ya know?
    Thanks in advance for any advise.


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    Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

    Yep, that's magneseum for ya!

    I've had the same problem, owning the R2930 for about three years now. In a way, it sort of upsets me as I see no advantage whatsoever to using magneseum rather than aluminum and aluminum does not corrode nearly as easily. The least little humidity and the magneseum oxidizes worse than steel. I don't know what could be done to shield this possibility during manufacture, but obviously Ridgid DIDN'T! There have also been a hand-full of comments about it, but as yet I see no comment whatsoever from Ridgid and my inquiry to Ridgid customer support, about a year ago, was fruitless.

    Using a brass brush is probably okay, but anything more abrasive, like emory paper presents the probability, that after a few cleanings, you will reduce the diameter to a point where it might not clamp correctly. I've had to clean mine about three times to date... each time, I use Brasso and then afterward apply a couple of coats of Butcher's Wax.

    I've also taken to not leaving the router in position on the table. Preferring to remove it after each use, wiping it with my waxed cotton wrag, and then putting it in a plastic bag and storing it high and dry in an upstairs storage closet. Since my shop is in my basement and NY State is quite humid in all seasons but winter, magneseum is problamatic, even with humidity at 70% which is quite low my regional standards.)

    As far as the collet is concerned, I think that you are not backing the nut off far enough. Actually the collet seems to be very well designed with a "release" built in. Once you loosen the collet, it will appear to be quite loose, but of course you can't pull the bit shank out... so, if you loosen the nut another turn or so, you'll find it get's tight again (that's the release point), so reapply the wrench and continue to loosen past that tight spot, and the collet will open up enough to easily remove the shank. So, to repeat: Use the wrench to loosen the collet, until it appears free, but continue for another turn or so; you'll then feel the nut seem to tighten again, so you'll need the wrench to continue to loosen and that should free the shank.

    Another word of advice: When inserting the bit shank... do NOT bottom it out. Instead, I insert it all the way into the collet and then, pull it back out about an 1/8-inch, holding it in that position as I tighten the collet nut. Reason is that the bit-shank will grow as the bit heats up, and without room for this, the shank can stick.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

      Thank you for the reply CWS,
      My workshop is out in my backyard(20x30 steel building) no a/c, portable propane heater in winter.I dont leave it heated all winter, just when I am playin around makin saw dust. I had a feeling it was humidity and temp changes.
      As far as the collet,I insert the bit like u say,leave about 1/8 in or so sticking out.I can back the nut completely off and the bit is STUCK,literally have to pry it out.I use the 1/2 collet btw.All my router bits are 1/2 shank.Doesn't matter what bit i use they all stick.Wonder if I should take it in for LSA,have it checked out?

      Thanks again for your help


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        Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

        Magnesium has some serious corrosion issues as anyone who has ever had magnesium rims on a car or has stored a magnesium bodied camera can attest. There is probably some galvanic action happening between the magnesium body on the router and the aluminum or steel table on the saw.
        A coat of paint might help, or the old hot rodder solution of spraying WD-40 or some other corrosion inhibitor on the surface between the router and saw table. This a commercial product that was recommended as superior to WD-40 for the stated reasons. I have had no experience with it.
        Good luck...Ray


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          Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

          It sounds to me like your collet is damaged, or perhaps just defective. If your nearest service center is close, you could have them take a look at it and perhaps order you a new replacement. I know you mentioned that all of your bits are 1/2-inch shank, but I was wondering if you have a 1/4-inch shank available to check out the other collet?

          Either way, I'd look into getting a replacement collet assembly. To date, mine seems to release fine (as I earlier described it).

          Other than the corrosion issue, I have been pretty happy with my R2930, though I have to date only used it in my router table.

          Good luck,



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            Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

            Took my router to repair center yesterady,he gave me a new collet said mine was defective. Wil try it out today, should be better now. No 1/4 router bits, when i bought my set, I figured the 1/2 shanks would be stronger and last longer. He also gave me some wax to use,said it would help. First expereince with having to use LSA. While i was there , I told him my 18v batteries seemed weak, he said bring them in.So I went out to the truck got all 6 and brought them in.About 10 minutes later he came back up to the front counter and handed me 6 new 18v batteries. He said mine had seen better days. Yesterday was a good day!
            thanks for all replies and suggestions, what a great site.



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              Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues


              Now that's the kind of ending to a problem that I like! Very good assistance from your local service center and good to hear.

              Stick around, this is a great forum and I'm glad you were able to get the problem resolved.

              Happy Easter,



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                Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

                What kind of wax did he give you for the magnesium? I have a magnesium shoe circular saw - it hasn't corroded yet but maybe some preventative maintenance would be a good thing.



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                  Re: R2930 combo Oxidation issues

                  hi Rapidcut, He gave me a can of Mothers aluminum and magnesium wax/polish.
                  Its only been on for couple days now but so far so good.
                  thanks, Huck