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    Re: Ridgid Super Clamp

    Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
    If it does not come with the LLSA coverage than it's something that is marketed and sold by Ridge Tool and not TTI/One World Technology. Shop Vacs fall into this category as do the plumbing machines.
    Maybe, but maybe not. Some of the Ridge Tool/Emerson stuff does still have a lifetime warranty. Granted, the LLSA is through TTI/OWT, but Emerson shop vacs have a lifetime warranty (no need to register, a la LLSA). They could easily do this with the Super Clamp as well.

    Needless to say, it's a great looking product, but too expensive. If I could pick one up for around a hundred bucks, I would. But my use for it would be so few and far between - even at that, it's easier and cheaper for me to get some additional help, potentially at the cost of a couple of beers, rather than to fork out for this thing to sit in my garage 90% of the time. Great design though, even if Ridgid/OWT is following the rest of the herd it appears with this one (late out of the gate?).
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