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  • Battery rebuilding

    I have a couple of my Dewalt 18v batteries that have died. I found this place online that rebuilds them. Has anyone used them before?

    I have also thought about buying ones on ebay. Any thoughts about buying ones on ebay?

    Also wondering if I do the rebuild which way to go?

    9.6 - 18V NICAD REBUILD 2100MAH $45

    9.6 - 18V NIMH REBUILD 3300MAH $79.99

    Would it be worth the extra money to go with the NIMH 3300mah cells?
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    Re: Battery rebuilding

    I have taken mine to Batteries Plus. Do a Google search and see if there is a store nearby. Also, MTO battery does rebuilds. They offer more choices than Batteries Plus. I highly recommend getting your batteries rebuilt instead of buying new ones (check the cost comparison to be sure). My rebuilt ones were much better than new.


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      Re: Battery rebuilding

      Originally posted by TOD View Post
      Would it be worth the extra money to go with the NIMH 3300mah cells?
      FYI: check out whether your current charger can charge NIMH properly and safely. Some folks are probably unloading their NiCads on Ebay to make the switch to Lithium thus you should find some decent prices on NiCad
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