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TS-3650 - Warped table top??

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  • TS-3650 - Warped table top??

    I decided today was a good day to tune up my table saw (a Ridgid TS-3650). I was really happy with the adjustments I made to the miter slot alignment as well as the fence alignment. Things were going very smoothly. Then I pulled out my straightedge to check out the flatness of my table and wings.

    This is what I found. Keep in mind that the straightedge isn't touching the wings. It is only on the central table. The left side trailing edge of the table drops off significantly. The drop off is about 1/16th of an inch. However, the right side of the table has no such drop off. It is pretty much flat. There is a definite warp to the table top.

    I'm wondering if I should even care. Will it really effect performance? From front to rear, the drop off seems to start just before the trailing edge of the blade. From right to left, it starts to drop off somewhere around the blade opening.

    In some of these pictures, I've altered the contrast and definition so that the issue is more clearly seen...

    Here is the Left side looking towards the rear from the right front corner of the saw..

    Same picture, contrast adjusted..

    This is the right side looking towards the rear from the right..

    Same picture, contrast adjusted...