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18V Fuego drill chuck problems

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  • 18V Fuego drill chuck problems

    A few months back I bought a combo kit that included the Fuego cordless drill. It's not my first cordless drill by a long shot, but it's definitely the first that injures me regularly - while also often spontaneously loosening and dropping the bit or other tool I'd had chucked.

    1) Injuries: the heavily-ribbed plastic surface of this chuck is really good at grabbing a fold of skin on my palm and giving me a solid friction-burn/blood-blister/bruise in the split-second it takes to tighten the chuck by bumping the trigger.

    2) Spontaneous opening: apparently because the rotation of the drill stops so abruptly, there's a bit of a reverse-hammering on the chuck. Almost at will, I could get this drill to release any chucked item by simply bumping the trigger a few times.

    Event (2) sometimes leads immediately to (1). Repeat until livid.

    Is this a common issue? A quick search didn't turn up anything.


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    Re: 18V Fuego drill chuck problems

    A few years ago when the ratcheting chucks first appeared the instructions on the Dewalt drills we were using at the time stated that operators should not power the chucks closed as we had been accustomed to doing. Since we liked powering the chucks closed(event #1 in your post)we continued that process until we started having problems with the chuck which sounds earily similar to your (event #2). Instructions were given to all of our crews to cease the beloved bump closing of chucks or they could pay for the next one that needed replacing. I'm to lazy to check, however I believe the instructions for Ridgid drills cautions against powering chucks closed. We now power them just to the point where we feel the ratchet process begin and then hand tighten. We do however continue to power open the chuck when removing the bit. I don't believe we have had a chuck failure since changing to this procedure.
    One more point. At some point in time it was suggested that when using drills with electric brakes to release the trigger softly (for some reason that I have long forgotten) to increase life of the tool.......Hope this helps, Ray
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      Re: 18V Fuego drill chuck problems

      The chuck is trash


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        Re: 18V Fuego drill chuck problems

        Originally posted by LockSmithSavant View Post
        The chuck is trash
        Unless the chuck has a key, Ridgid uses about the poorest quality chucks. They do not use genuine Jacob made chucks, I do not know what cheap supplier they come from but they are crap. You read negative comments about them all the time.
        Even Milwaukee now has issues. I try to release slowly as Ray said but that drill it seem to make no difference as the lock is very abrupt and too strong for a compact drill.
        The older made in USA and EU Milwaukee models I have are great. I like my newer m12 drill but the chuck, even though it is all metal, still wobbles, but compared to the stubby Ridgid 12v compact it is far better, that drill is really bad in runout and has a plastic ring, stamped steel front. Can not get much cheaper than that, all plastic I guess.. I do not know how anyone can use that drill on fine work. I personally hate that drill design. That chuck is horrible. That is why I bought the M12.
        On my older 12v Ridgid, I reworked the chuck by milling the plastic and nose to make the wobble tolerable. This is just poor build by Ridgid on an otherwise good drill. The drills are good performers and a good value generally but the chucks TTI uses are bad.
        The Ridgid hole hawg style drill is very good and has at the best chuck of all the various Ridgid drills.


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          Re: 18V Fuego drill chuck problems

          are these 1/2"-20 mounting thread chucks, like my older Ridgid drill? (yeah, I'm being lazy - don't wanna take it off just yet - but ebay may abide my wishes for a less cruel chuck)