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RD80701 Pressure Washer

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  • RD80701 Pressure Washer

    I'm assembling the pressure washer and having trouble connecting the high pressure hose to the coupler on the trigger handle. The coupler won't seat properly into the collar. As a test, I was able to insert coupler on the collar of the pump (meaning no hose in the middle) and it connected correctly. When I try with the hose, the coupler just won't go far enough into the collar. Suggestions?

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    Re: RD80701 Pressure Washer

    You might just need to push the coupling a bit harder as they are usually a very snug fit. If not there would be leaking. Also, some coupling setups have o-rings installed, so if this is the case with yours make sure the o-ring(s) are in the correct place. Later!


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      Re: RD80701 Pressure Washer

      Thank you for the suggestion. I did confirm that the o-ring was sitting properly and have had others try to make the connection without luck.

      I noted the part number printed on the High Pressure Hose and cross checked against the parts list that came with the unit - they are different. I'm checking with service to see if the numbers are interchangeable or if a wrong part was packed.