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RD80746 pressure washer

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  • RD80746 pressure washer

    I recently purchased the RD80746 pressure washer and since I found a lot of good information on this forum before my purchase, I thought I would give my review of the unit.
    I debated between this unit and the RD80701, and although the RD80701 has the coveted CAT pump I went with the 746. These 2 units are virtually identical except for the pump. I have heard the triplex CAT pump will last a lot longer, but I noticed that a new pump for the 746 is the same as the cost of the price difference between the 2 ($150). So even if the CAT pump lasts twice as long as the AR pump, you would still be in a break even situation without the initial money.
    We used the pw about 4 hours already, and have been very pleased with it. We had one issue with pressure not building up 100%, but I believe the reason was the unit was not on a level surface, and did not get all of the air out of the line.
    I would highly recommend a Power Care Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner. This thing is awesome, it cuts cleaning time by at least 1/2 when using it on concrete surfaces. Here in the Pacific Northwest we get a good coating of grime over the winter months, and this unit just powers thru it.