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What's Up With The R4511?

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  • What's Up With The R4511?

    Although they haven't made it to my area yet I keep seeing reports about the R4511 being reintroduced at HD. Funny thing is the new sell price seems to be $399. I can't help but wonder if maybe these newly reintroduced saws are somehow different than earlier releases. I was just wondering if anyone who has an older version has had a chance to compare theirs to the ones coming out now? $600 down to $400 seems like a pretty big price drop unless some major redesigning was done.
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    Re: What's Up With The R4511?

    Im curious as well. I havent seen any new ones at our local stores but maybe I havent looked hard enough (would HD make the same mistake twice and ship these saws to stores, only to have them sit in overhead without any other clue to shoppers that the saw is for sale?)


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      Re: What's Up With The R4511?

      Another puzzler.. go to home depot home page, or Rigid tools, and do a search for r4511. It's not, as of yesterday, listed on their site. One would think if they are indeed bringing it back, it would come up in a search.
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        Re: What's Up With The R4511?

        I talked to a Ridgid tool rep who was checking stock and display in our local store a few months ago. This was about the time that Home Depot was "clearing" the 4511.

        It was his understanding that the primary problem with the 4511 was simply that Ridgid was seeing far too many damage reports (returns, complaints, out of the box problems, etc.). Most of it due to damage while in the hands of Home Depot. TTI (the manufacturer) had clearly defined stacking limits that were ignored by Home Depot personnel and that was a very large part of the damage problems.

        From that conversation and my own observations of what I had seen in the two Home Depot's that I regularly visit, the 4511 is a very well designed saw with a good build quality and at a great price point. From reports here on this forum, it also appeared that unit was packaged well by TTI.

        However, I noticed that there were many reports of broken components, chips and cracks in the granite top, etc. I know that in the stores they were often stacked three and four up and often up on the rack, where they'd have to be handled by forklift.

        As we all know, these things weigh a lot and with the Ridgid rep's understanding that the instructions were to NOT stack them more than two high. It seems obvious that any mishandling, higher stacking, etc. would obviously result in the kind of damage that many posters have complained about. The question then would come down to who's going to be responsible for the cost of such damage and I surmise that Home Depot and TTI/Ridgid would have some discussion over that.

        Just on that alone, I can fully understand why the product was cleared for the BORG and why the product may be doomed. Of course any return of the 4511 to the aisles of Home Depot would be great, IF Home Depot could get its act together and TTI could regain the confidense that it's product wouldn't be destroyed in handling.... if of course that is the root of the problem.



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          Re: What's Up With The R4511?

          I have no factual info to add, but I can't help but wonder about a couple of scenarios....possibly that HD and/or TTI had some contractual agreements with the manufacturer (supposedly Orion) and decided that the path of least resistance was to fulfill that agreement. Or the loss of the R4511 left Orion with a huge capacity issue and they counter offered HD/TTI too good of a deal to pass up.

          In general, owners seem to really like the saw....even the fence for the most part.


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            Re: What's Up With The R4511?

            I don’t know if there is a difference in the saw that I got, but I got a R4511 in South Eastern Wisconsin on Friday. I walked into Home Depot and I saw the R4511 on display. I asked the person the cost and he said it was $399.00. I thought it was a good price and purchased it on the spot. On the way to the back of the store to grab it with the fork lift the salesman told me, “These are the new models, they have a few upgrades from last year, and the saw is slightly taller than last year’s model”.

            I don’t know if there is a difference in height from what people got in the past, but I do know that mine came out the box very nice and I didn’t have a single problem that anyone in the forums have mentioned.

            My granite top seems to be in good condition and it took me only a few minutes to align everything. Everything was almost dead on for alignment out of the box and I didn’t have to do anything other than put it together and a few slight adjustments here and there. The assembly instruction manual still sucked as bad as everyone has said in the past, so I don’t see a difference there.

            The only thing I can conclude is that the difference is that the one that I got came out of the box perfect with no issues, and I’m very happy with the saw. I am a novice woodworker, but it seems to cut a square cut very well for me and I’m very happy with it.

            In the end, mine looks like the pictures that I’ve seen posted on the bored here, except mine seems to come out of the box in very good condition and maybe that is the difference. The packaging even looked the same as the pictures I’ve seen from six months ago.

            If there is a difference, I’d like to know, but I can’t see anything different.




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              Re: What's Up With The R4511?

              I am super excited to read this news. I bought the last R4511 in my area, and when I unpacked it, the thing was busted into pieces. The top was broken into 2 pieces, the front trunnion was snapped clean in half, the rear trunnion was chipped, the elevation and angle adjustment rods were askew, with the cabinet warped around where they penetrated.

              I'll buy thone of these in a heartbeat, because my area doesn't offer much in the way of quality woodworking tools, and since Lowes dropped the Delta line, I'm kind of stuck unless I want to pay a premium for shipping and handling.


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                Re: What's Up With The R4511?

                I purchased the last 4511 saw in my area as well. Everything seemed to be in good order. The setup directions are god awful. The fastener bags are not referenced in the assembly directions at all. You basically have to guess which bag to use when assembling each piece of the saw. There aren't that many options, so it's pretty easy to figure out. That being said, the directions are still terrible. That has been documented pretty well on the internet.

                The saw weighs a ton, but i was able to get it off my snowmobile trailer no problem. My wife and I lifted the tabletop section onto the stand. I tried to convince her to take the heavy side but she wasn't having it. FYI, i'm 220lbs and she's 130lbs. Be a man and lift it up there......

                Not sure if it's the new model or not. The directions do not coincide exactly with my saw, so that leads me to believe it's a new model. The guy at home depot said they cleared these out in Jan, and then home depot shipped them a couple ones from the warehouse. He wasn't sure where they got them from. Maybe a new model.....


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                  Re: What's Up With The R4511?

                  Just think that granite is not the best choice for a TS top. The no rusting seem to be the only plus over CI. 4511 is a huge improvement over the 3650. I have an Orion 22124 sears saw, and the newer saw has better trunnion design but I would not want a granite top. I am very glad to have returned my 3650 when the arbor issue came to light, and being frustrated with a saw that performed worse than my 70's sears emmerson. The hybrid orion saw designs are very good. Smart for TTI to ditch the inferior previous designs., just sound like the packaging did not hold up to the abuse. For $400 it is a great deal if they can keep the saws intact. The fence is not that great, but a $150 Delta "t" fence would be a good fix.
                  I prefer my Unisaw,50" commercial Biesmeyer, but that is a true cab saw and costs over 2 times the 4511. Just wish I had the rifing knife design.