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Thermal Relief Valve and Pump Temp

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  • Thermal Relief Valve and Pump Temp

    Just got my RD80903 3000 psi. Does it have a thermal relief valve? I looked at the Cat pump and could not find any valve to discharge water. Also, I ran my washer for about 15 mins, unhooked and draind everything to put away. I was looking over everything and noticed how hot the Cat pump was, It was very hot. Is this normal?

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    Re: Thermal Relief Valve and Pump Temp

    Water circulating through the manifold is what keeps things cool. People rely on the relief valves way too much. Simple rule of thumb is to never let the machine sit idle for more than 2-3 mins. If this is the case simply shut if off until needed. I can only hope you didn't run it without discharging water for the 15 mins. And it is normal for the pump to be hot as it absorbs heat put out by the engine because of the direct connection. It shouldn't be blistering hot though, as in too hot to touch. Later!