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make pressure washer self contained

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  • make pressure washer self contained

    I own this pressure unit and I was wondering if its possible to make it self contained, meaning can I connect it to a water tank and if so, is there anything I would need to do so?

    unit I own:

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    Re: make pressure washer self contained

    Direct drive pumps such as the one on your machine spin too fast to draw water from a source such as this, which is why it's recommended hooking to a pressurized source. Belt drive pumps can draw water from a tank because of the much lower RPMs involved.

    Solving this problem could be something along the lines of getting a 12 volt ShurFlo type pump that would pump water from the tank to your PW pump. Most pumps of this type can be found to handle up to 5gpm and it would just be a matter of using a 12v power source.

    There may be other options, but this is one that comes to mind. Later!