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R4511 Riving Knife Issue

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  • R4511 Riving Knife Issue

    I purchased my first table saw, the R4511. I got everything setup, except the riving knife. The knife is sitting pretty 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch above my blade. The problem is this.

    The right side of the riving knife is suppose to be flush with the ride side of the blade to avoid any pinching issues between the knife and the fence when feeding wood through the saw.
    When I tighten the large blade guard screw that holds the riving knife in place, the riving knife over tightens and extends out passed the ride side of the blade and it isn't flush any more. Thus, creating a pinch point. The directions say to loosen the 4 hex screws that hold the knife in place, get the knife flush with the blade, and then tighten the screws back up. The same thing happens when I tighten these screws.

    Long story short, every time I try to tighten everything down, the knife extends passed the blade and creates a pinch point. I can get the knife flush with the blade by just tightening the 4 hex screws and loosening the large blade guard screw, but then there's a lot of slop in the knife and it moves around. This doesn't seem safe. Once I tighten the large blade guard screw, it gets screwed up.

    The knife is extended passed the flush point by a very very little amount. Probably 1/32 or 1/64. Is this an issue? The knife isn't the thickest metal, so the knife may push out of the way when a piece of wood comes through the saw.

    Should I attempt to stick a shim in the mechanism that pinches the riving knife in place to keep the knife from moving over when I tighten everything down?

    Please help!!!

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    Re: R4511 Riving Knife Issue

    I forgot to mention I'm using the freud 40T diablo, not the ridgid blade.