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  • No Repair Support

    I have a Ridgid 6.5" Fuego circular saw and the lever used to adjust the depth of cut won't operate. Checking Ridgid's onlline list of repair facilities near my home north of New Orleans, I found 3 locations.

    I drove to one near my work place to discover that they no longer repair Ridgid items unless they sold them. The owner tells me he has reported this to Ridgid on several occasions. Their information remains on the web site.

    I drove to the one closest to my home (22+ miles) to discover that they require $45 deposit and will not provide an estimate in advance of making the repair unless the repair is going to exceed $80. (The saw can be purchased new at HD for $99.)

    In a metropolitan area of over 1.3 million people, this suggests that Ridgid is in deep trouble.

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    Re: No Repair Support

    I think you need to call Ridgid Customer Support, tell them about the problem and if necessary ask to speak to someone of higher authority.

    There should never be any charge for repair if you are under warranty (3 years from date of purchase) or have registerd for, and received confirmation, for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.

    There should never be a deposit of any kind required for warranter or service agreement work and I don't understand the comment about a service center NOT servicing a product that they didn't sell.... Service Centers do NOT sell these products. The only authorized point of sale here in the U.S. is Home Depot.

    Again, none of this makes sense to me and you have apparently ran into some kind of problem. Are you out of warranty and/or never registered for the LLSA?

    The only other problem I see is that you probably should have called first, rather than driving to and from a service place that you weren't absolutely positive about.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful,



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      Re: No Repair Support

      what is exactly wrong with the lever? mine wasnt working after owning it for a year or two, and all it took was adjusting the lever and it works perfectly again. I cant remember right off hand but either you push in or pull out on the handle and it allows the handle to turn but not the tension nut. If you having the same problem I was, when you try and tighten the lever it hits the base and doesnt get tight, this is all I had to do to fix the problem!


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        Re: No Repair Support

        any update?


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          Re: No Repair Support

          Ridgid in deep trouble, funny.Guess you didn't try enough service centers.
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