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Help me select a cordless drill

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  • Help me select a cordless drill

    My choices are.
    Skill $89.00 with 2 batteries
    Ridgid from Home Depot with LIFETIME WARRANTY $90.00
    Porter Cable 18 V. with 2 batteries Ni-Cad $99.00

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    Re: Help me select a cordless drill

    I say this not because this is a Ridgid Forum but of the three you listed I'd go with the Ridgid. The Skil would only be a small step up from the cheapest drills out there and the Porter Cable drills IMO are about the same as the Skil. At one time Porter Cable made a pretty good cordless drill/driver but not so much any more.

    You didn't say what your usage would be but be it a lot or a little the LLSA with the free battery replacement for life is hard to beat.
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      Re: Help me select a cordless drill

      Ridgid. Hands down. I researched the hell out of every Li Ion cordless drill and you can't beat it for the price and with the LSA. I picked mine up with the one handed recip saw for $199 and although at the time I considered the saw a freebie I have ended up using that thing more than the drill. LOL! (I think you can get that combo for $179 now) I literally used that combo and a hammer to build a wall, install rock and hang a door. Back to the drill tho, it's excellent. The balance, torque, size, and my favorite trigger by far. Very easy to use and strong enough to drill into concrete if you need it to. If I had to gripe about anything it would be the clutch doesn't seem to do anything. Even on the lowest setting I still haven't felt it ratchet but I rarely power screws into anything so maybe it's me.

      BTW, the price HD has that drill for right now is ridiculous. I am almost tempted to buy one for a spare.


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        Re: Help me select a cordless drill

        There is a fourth choice. But, if it is more than you care to spend, definitely RIDGID ALLLLLLLL THE WAAAAAYYYYYY!

        I have a Bosch 24v (10 y.o. and still going strong) and 2 - 36v cordless. IMO, Bosch are the BEST drill/Drivers hands down! But, Ridgid is a VERY close 2nd to the Bosch.
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