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Rigid 5" ROS R2600 Sander not working well

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  • Rigid 5" ROS R2600 Sander not working well

    I bought this sander about a year ago and it worked well for a while. Now, when I turn it on while placed on the work, it has a difficult time getting up to speed and when I move it around the flat surface of a work piece, it jumps around. I've used it in the past successfully with the dust bag and hooked up to my shop vac. I've used it for maybe 20-25 hours at most.

    Any ideas what might the problem might be? My manual does not have a troubleshooting guide.

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    Re: Rigid 5" ROS R2600 Sander not working well

    It's still under warranty so why not just take it to an Authorized Service Center and have them trouble shoot it. Seeing as you don't know what the problem is I'd hate to see you void your warranty by attempting to fix it yourself.
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