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    I was not sure where to post this so i put it here. If I should be in another forum let me know.
    I need a few minor parts for a miter saw stand model
    # AC99401. I have been having trouble finding a source for them.
    I haven't found anything on any of the Ridgid sites nor on any of the Ridgid parts sites so far.

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    Re: parts help

    If u cant find the part you are looking for at ridgid parts u may want to try contacting your local authorized Ridgid repair shop. They should be able to look up the part number for you and possibly even order the part in. Also if we knew what part you are looking for we may be ablr to find the part listing for you and post it here.



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      Re: parts help

      Try M&D, they should be able to help you out. Scroll down towards the bottom of the Ridgid Parts Diagrams to find the AC9940.
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