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  • R86006 question

    I was recently at a Humane Society garage sale and found a R86006 drill (no Battery or charger) for only a couple of bucks. I figured nothing lost if drill doesn't work. As items are donated for sale, so could not find out anything about the drill. I do not want to put any more money into it until I can test it and see if the motor even runs.

    My question is: Looking at the battery contacts at bottom of drill, which one is positive and which is negative. I have a heavy duty variable power supply and would like to see if the motor turns over. If it does, then I would buy a battery.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Re: R86006 question

    take it to home depot and test it with a floor model battery.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: R86006 question

      I agree that if you could find a charged battery at Home Depot or a Ridgid service center, that would be the most prudent way of testing the drill motor. Any of the Ridgid 18 volt batts(LI or Nicad) would be appropriate
      I would have no problem with hooking the drill to a variable power supply and testing the drill motor under no load on a setting of 13.5 volts. I will qualify that statement by admitting I am not an electrical expert. There are others on this forum that are much better qualified to comment on the power supply question than I. Hopefully they will offer an opinion.....Good luck, Ray
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