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RIDGID and DeWalt Accessory's ?

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  • RIDGID and DeWalt Accessory's ?

    Hi gang, I have had my Ridgid 3300 PW for about a year now and it still is working great and I love it. no problems.

    Anyways. I went on-line to the Home Depot Site and ordered a DeWalt Gun as I want a shorter one, also the car wash brush thingy. On there site I type in Accessory's for the Rigid and these Items came up. so I ordered them, After receiving them I noticed the end is a lot different then what type end is in our stock spray guns. So what is it that I need to adapt to the end of the Dewalt Nozzle to make it so I can use my spry adapters?

    OR do I have to order all new spray ends for the Dewalt?

    I really like the style of the gun and how short it is and would love for
    it to work on my 3300.
    thanks for any help in those matter.