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Jp o610 outfeed question

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  • Jp o610 outfeed question

    I just purchased the Jp0610. Set up went fine for someone new to jointers. I do have a question regarding the out feed table. I am assuming the fence is suppose to be perpendicular and square to the out feed table. I am also assuming the fence bottom edge (except for the ridge left on the out feed side of the cutter head slot) is square.

    The out feed side of the out feed table is appx. 1/8" lower than the in feed side of the out feed table. Is this adjusted by using the gibbs and a straight edge and will an accurate straight edge be enough to confirm this if laid across the out feed table and the in feed table?

    Thank you
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    Re: Jp o610 outfeed question

    cypresscutter, here is a very good article on jointer basics. Hopefully, it will answer all of your questions.
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      Re: Jp o610 outfeed question

      I recently read an article along with a video, Jointer Setup, by The Wood Whisperer.


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        Re: Jp o610 outfeed question

        I am having trouble adjusting my Jointer (JP0610).
        I read the article above and adjusted all parts as described.
        I checked the tables as described in the article, and the framing squares met at the top and not at the bottom.

        When I run a board through the jointer I get a convex curve. More material is taken off the leading edge and trailing edge than the middle of the board.

        What adjustment is there that I am missing....?