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  • R4330 erratic feed

    Hello folks

    I've got a new R4430 thickness planer that worked perfectly for the first few times I used it but suddenly I've developed an erratic feed problem. I'm only taking 1/32” depth cuts but the board (5 1/2" x 30" long) will suddenly stop feeding during the cut and I'll need to give it a push... sometimes quite a hard push... and then the board will feed normally almost all the way through but often I’ll need to help it finish by pulling the last few inches through.

    Sometimes the boards will feed perfectly for several passes (at 1/32" each pass) and then for no apparent reason the board feed will become erratic again. It looks to me like the rollers are turning but I can't be certain.

    Do you think that applying some paste wax to the planer table might help?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: R4330 erratic feed

    Sorry folks... I should have tried my own suggestion before submitting my question.

    I waxed the planer table and now the boards feed perfectly again.

    Live and learn.


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      Re: R4330 erratic feed

      Yeah, but it feels so much better when you solve it yourself.
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