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  • chuck wobble

    I just bought two new 24 volt drill sets. One for a buddy and one for me.
    Both hammer drills (R851150) have significant bit wobble when chucked. The longer the bit, the more noticeable the variation.

    No way can we drill accurate holes, or drive screws.

    I know this is an ongoing issue after reading many complaints on this forum. But what I wonder is what causes the wobble. Is it the drill motor, or is it the chuck? Has anyone had it resolved successfully, either on their own or at a service center?

    Ridgid says return it and get a new one. I don't think that is gonna help. And I am disgusted. I have invested a lot of money into ridgid tools, and I can't believe this is still an issue after reading threads going back 5 yrs.

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    Re: chuck wobble

    The only chuck that is not a wobbler is on my RA hole hawg style. That is a key type. Milwaukee now has the same problem. I word TTI. They have the worst keyless chucks made on there drills. Usually the arbor is not the issue. I have 12v, 18v, 24v, M12, all the same outer sleeve is not concentric, and when tightened becomes worse.