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mini wheelbarrow compressor leak

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  • mini wheelbarrow compressor leak

    my brand new mini wheelbarrow compressor (ridgid) leaks a small amount, enough to kick it on every ten minutes, of air out of the hose connection when a hose is inserted... i already tested the hose, it's not leaky but the actual fitting on the compressor itself leaks out where the hose goes in... but again, only while the hose is connected... the manual says they are universal fittings and i am using 1/4 on my hoses... anyone know if there is something i can tighten up or should i switch the hose fitting to a larger size or just throw it into traffic?

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    Re: mini wheelbarrow compressor leak

    Quick-disconnect fittings are often the source of leaks. It's a simple spring-loaded mechnism and it can be burred or perhaps just dirty... a small piece of grit will result in the hose connector not sealing properly. Also, those hose connectors are not always made well and there can be some variance in the dimensions, which can also cause leaking.

    I am not aware of any way to easily disassemble or repair a quick-disconnect fitting.

    Doesn't that compressor have two quick-disconnects and if so, do both of them leak with that particular hose and have you tried a different hose?

    I purchased a hose not to long ago and it's fitting was so poorly made that the fitting will actually pop out of the quick-disconnect. I ende up exchanging that hose. The fittings themselves are fairly inexpensive, but if you've recently purchased the unit, you have 90-days to exchange it. I'm not sure if the fitting is covered under the 3-year warranty, but even so, it probably would cost more to take it to a service center than it would to simply change the fitting yourself.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: mini wheelbarrow compressor leak

      Female quick-connect air line fittings have two major components within them: The little balls which actually hold the male fitting in when attached, and a seal which is supposed to prevent the leak you have. Some of these female fittings have a square shaped seal and some have a simple O-ring type seal. Some of these female fittings do come apart for service, and some don't. I suspect that the seal in your fitting has a small chip or crack which is allowing the air leak. I would recommend that you buy a better female fitting and change out the one you have, then you can see if your's can be taken apart for repair. Good Luck, David


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        Re: mini wheelbarrow compressor leak

        thanks for the input... i have tried numerous hoses so i think i may swap out the female fitting and just chuck those "universal" fittings that came on the unit... it's either that or switch to the larger male on the hoses and see if it still leaks... but anyhow, thanks for the helpful comments...