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Ridgid Generators- are they any good?

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  • Ridgid Generators- are they any good?

    Looking at both the RD6800 watt and the RD8000 watt generators. They both look like they are sound and quality built. The 6800 watt has a yamaha engine and the 8000 watt has a Subaru engine. Anyone ever used either one and how noisy are they and how are they working for you? Also where are they made at, and who makes them for Ridgid?


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    Re: Ridgid Generators- are they any good?

    I have the RD6800 it works very well for me. I needed a new one in an emergency and all of the other stores were closed. I went to the Home Depot and asked the guy outside if they were closed he said, “Yeah, but what do you need?” I told him I needed a generator and he opened the store for me to buy one.

    I got it home, put the oil/gas in it and it started on the second pull.

    Every month I do a generator test and it has very clean power. I run a lot of computer systems off it with voltages monitored and it stays within 1 volt and provides pretty clean power. I use it to run all of the computer systems, TV, refrigerator and a light or two. It’s pretty reliable and it usually starts on the first pull if there is gas in the line, otherwise a second pull get it started. I even started it when it was below zero this past winter and it worked good then too.

    I like mine.