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air manifold problem for OF45150 compressor

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  • air manifold problem for OF45150 compressor

    Is there a detailed pdf of the air manifold for this compressor? I believe the part number is 17793. I need to take it apart to see whats wrong with it. Not getting any pressure in the outlet. It pumps up and holds pressure fine but the regulator does not release any air into the outlet. thx

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    Re: air manifold problem for OF45150 compressor


    I doubt if one will find a break down of the part, (it looks like the regulator is built into the manifold.

    If mine I would take it apart and lay out the parts in order and see if one can see something wrong, if not can some thing be removed to let the air to the quick connects, and then use a new regulator at the quick connect? or replace it as a unit,

    (I guess my feeling on things like this is it is not working now how much worst can I make it? but I have a chance to "fix" or repair it with a little time, if not, one can always by the part and replace it.

    I may be temped to make my own manifold out of pipe fittings and put the regulators on the quick connects, (I have made up a number of regulators over the years, with a male and female quick connects on them to use at various places around the place, In some uses not having the regulator in line seems to be the better thing.)

    IMO the oil less high speed compressors are nearly a throw away item any way, as the repair parts are nearly as much as the new tool, If one gets a few years out of one most say OK and get a new one.
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