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Erratic R82007 drill, reconditioned

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  • Erratic R82007 drill, reconditioned

    I received this drill for Christmas, and had to send it back to the Amazon seller due to erratic performance. What I mean is sometimes it runs, sometimes it doesn't. I was sent another drill as a replacement (or mine was repaired) and I have the same problem! I never know when it will or won't work. I can pull the battery off the charger, plug it right into the drill, and nothing. Then come back 15 minutes later and it works.
    Also, one of the batteries already has reported once on the charger as defective, and I can't have more than an hour of use at this point. Any ideas why this is happening?


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    Re: Erratic R82007 drill, reconditioned

    Unfortunately when something is sold as "rebuilt", and you don't know the reputation of the seller, you also have no idea regarding the quality of the "rebuild'. The problems you have could be caused by bad batteries, a bad trigger control, worn brushes, or any of a myriad of ailments.
    My suggestion would be to send the drill back and request a refund if possible. I have no idea if Amazon can provide any assistance if the seller will not step up.
    Good luck....Ray