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3000 psi Pressure Washer Questions

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  • 3000 psi Pressure Washer Questions

    I just picked up a 3000 psi Rigid pressure washer. It is the newer model with the Triplex pump. I've used it about a 1/2 hr and liked it a lot. As was noted in other posts, the manual isn't too great. I was confused about the plug (remove it or not) on the pump. Ran it before finding this forum and then realizing it should be removed. It built up some pressure, good thing I didn't run it longer. I really appreciate the good feedback on the forum.

    I had two questions I didn't see addressed in previous posts:

    1) How long can I let it run without spraying? Do these PW'rs have a cool down circuit or something so they won't overheat if you let the engine run a bit without spraying? My previous (el cheapo) PW'er would dump water out of a relief valve if it got too hot. I'm not looking to let it run without spraying on a routine basis, I was just surprised the manual didn't mention anything. I suspect if longer than a couple minutes, it is best to just shut it down.

    2) Winter time use - I use a pressure washer all year long. Never had a problem with one freezing in my garage (although it is sometimes slightly below freezing). I do always do a good job draining the PW. Any reason I should suspect an issue with this unit when seeing similar duty? I realize it would be best to store in a heated environment, however, that's not practical if you use the machine in the winter. Does anyone else have similar experience with the unit in the winter?


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    Re: 3000 psi Pressure Washer Questions

    Yeah, the plug is a tiny plastic stopper that fits in the red plastic rounded hex fitting on top of the pump. It is to prevent pump oil from leaking during shipping.

    A couple minutes is all I let it run without usage. When you stop the engine, be sure to pull the trigger to relieve the pressure in the pump and tubing.

    For winter storage, there is a product called pump saver that puts a lubricant of sorts in the pump, and drives out water. I've heard some people say they just use compressed air, but I like the idea of a lubricant for longer periods of storage.


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      Re: 3000 psi Pressure Washer Questions

      Thanks. Do you know if folks are doing anything special when using compressed air - maybe hooking up a fitting to blow the air into the pump through the garden hose adapter?

      That may an approach I could use for occasional winter use. I probably use the pressure washer 2-3x's per month during the winter. Not a lot of use, but often enough I'd rather not drain the gas and move it into and out of the basement that frequently.


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        Re: 3000 psi Pressure Washer Questions

        What I do after each use with my PW (not a Ridgid though) is disconnect the hose from the pump as well as removing the gun/wand from the other end and use compressed air to blow water out of the high pressure hose. Then with the engine in OFF mode I pull the rope starter a few times which will force excess water out of the pump head. I then run a bit of PumpSaver through the pump. It is not only an anti-freeze agent, but also has mineral oil to lubricate all internal seals and prevent hard water scale from forming. Well worth the few dollars it costs and few minutes it takes to do the few steps mentioned.

        I guess most pumps have a bypass mode/relief valve, but it's best to not let them run any longer than a minute or so, otherwise simply shut it down until needed again. Later!