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wet saw question.....

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  • wet saw question.....

    I am looking to buy a wet saw to do some paver brick work and have ran across a mk-660 wet saw but I am not sure if this saw will handle someting like that, would anyone know out there, thanks

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    Re: wet saw question.....

    Depth of cut on that miodel is only 2". Take that into consideration. Also, if your pavers are concrete, it might be a little underpowered. Will be fine for clay brick pavers. You might need to change the blade - try the one that it comes with first, since blades are expensive. Finally, you have to check the size of your pavers and make sure that the stroke is adequate. That saw can do a 10" tile diagonally.

    I use a 10" wet saw that will cut 16" tiles diagonally, and my only regret is that I didn't get one with a longer stroke. The small saws are too limiting, since the style seems to be tending to larger tiles. I'm assuming you'll be using the saw in the future for other projects, too.