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Combo kit Lifetime Warranty

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  • Combo kit Lifetime Warranty

    I just purchased the 5 PC Combos

    I have registered my tools on the website. Then skipped the 2nd page with the info of what i need to mail to them.
    So I was wondering what paperwork I need to mail into them for the Lifetime Warranty. Help would be very much appreciated thanks in advance

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    Re: Combo kit Lifetime Warranty

    Check the Owners Manual, all the information you need should be in there if I recall correctly.
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      Re: Combo kit Lifetime Warranty

      After registering online, send a copy of the receipt and UPC from the package and keep copies for your records. In my experience the conversion from 3 year warranty to LSA has been excessively long (6-8 months+) but usually one call to Ridgid CS and re-faxing all documents solved the problem.

      ***Contact the LSA processing group (Ridgid customer service) at 1-866-539-1710