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Laser not working?

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  • Laser not working?

    I just bought a 10in compound miter saw. When I push the button on the side of the laser guide it lights up fine. However, when I start the saw up I don't see the laser line at all. I thought this was a problem with the laser and took it back to the store. I got a new saw and have the same problem. Is there something I need to do?

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    Re: Laser not working?


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum.

    This must be a newer type of laser device, which I'm not at all familiar with. On my older Ridgid 10-inch CMS, the laser is mounted on the arbor, acting as the outer blade retainer washer... there is no external on/off switch and the laser operates only when the blade is spinning; apparently turning on via an internal centrifugal-activated switch.

    The local HD's do not always update their display models either, as the last time I looked, the laser was still very much like my older unit.

    Hopefully, one of the other members will step in here with a good resolution for you.