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3000 psi power washer RD80746/RD80947

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    Re: 3000 psi power washer RD80746/RD80947

    Thanks for that clarification and your patience. I should be able to test the PW this weekend once I have replaced O ring #37.


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      Re: 3000 psi power washer RD80746/RD80947

      I purchased a Ridgid pressure washer model RD 80702 / RD 80905 with EFI Subaru engine from Home Depot in June 2011. I had an extremely hard time getting it to start... maybe a couple hundred pulls on the rope while following all operating and starting instructions. It finally started and I used it without incident for 2 hours. The next day it was again very difficult to start. I found that pulling the rope 10 times (rather than the recommended 4 pulls) with the ignition "OFF" helped it start. I used the machine another 3 hours, ran the gas tank empty, and stored it for the winter in a well heated garage.

      This next spring (June 2012) it was again extremely hard to start. When it did start, I used it for 2 hours without incident. The next day, it again failed to start, and I have not been able to get it to start since. Now I also have the reported problem with the pump not unloading during starting, and so the rope pull is nearly impossible unless I stop the water flow and open the wand valve.

      So, I seem to now have a pump problem in addition to my original engine problem. For a machine with only 4 hours of use, it is quite disappointing. Additionally, my Denver CO warranty shop is offering to work on the Subaru engine, but apparently does not work on the CAT pumps. I do not want to start a warranty claim process without clear accountability to a single shop.

      Any advice is most welcome.
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        Re: 3000 psi power washer RD80746/RD80947

        Pump part # 37 was the problem and after replacing it, the PW is working just fine. Thanks to this thread and forum.


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          I know this is an old thread, however I'm having similar issues with my pressure washer. I was curious if anyone knows how to get the "piston" out of the piston guide? It is the part that connects #19 and #13 together in the illustration. I cant seem to get the Jet unthreaded from the piston in order to check and replace the o-rings. Any help would be appreciated.


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            Unscrew the cap with an open-end or adjustable wrench (it has two flat spots on it for that purpose), then tap or slide it out gently.

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          I'm curious as to where one can purchase replacement plugs/valves #25 & #26 & #65 as one of mine stripped and shot out of the pump and I can't seem to find them anywhere unless I buy a whole new pump assembly.