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  • 13" planer

    i replaced the carbon brushes on the motor but still getting alot of arcing in the motor case in the motor area. do i need to remove motor ? or is there another solution ?

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    Re: 13" planer

    Did you clean the commutator?

    Some electric power tool motors do spark some! And that's not always bad.
    They may spark at start up or if used for braking they will also spark!
    Dust and debris may also influence sparking keep your tools clean and blown them out after each use.

    New brushes need to seat....meaning you need to run the motor for a while with no load so the new brushed will form to ride the commutator smoothly.

    If there is a defect in the motor or a damaged commutator you can experience excessive sparking and/or stalling or other challenges.

    How about some more detailed information such as how old is the motor? has the sparking become worse with new brushes?

    As a weekend warrior I have a myriad of corded and non corded power tools. In the past twenty years I only had to replace the brushes in a Dremel tool.

    Worse case..pull the motor and take it to a motor repair place. They will put it on a growler and determine its condition....

    Often with homeowner type power tools the cost of a replacement motor will exceed the cost of replacing the tool! So you be the judge.
    Some sparking and the tools does its job VS replacement/repair

    Cactus Man