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Using the VT1215 Micro-cleaning Kit on vacs with a 2.5" hose

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  • Using the VT1215 Micro-cleaning Kit on vacs with a 2.5" hose

    I have the WD1450 vac from Ridgid - a great vac by the way. I also have the micro cleaning kit (VT 1215) plus the necessary adapters to use it with my WD1450. When I use the micro cleaning kit with my WD1450, the pitch of the motor rises significantly because of the small diameter of the tools.

    Is it safe to use the micro cleaning kit with a vac having a 2.5 inch diameter hose? Or should the micro cleaning kit only be used with vacs having a native 1.25 inch hose? I don't want to damage the motor on my vac!

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: Using the VT1215 Micro-cleaning Kit on vacs with a 2.5" hose


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    Certainly the motors on the Ridgid vacs are pretty good, but with something like the micro-cleaning kit, it really is way too much suction for the application. I my opinion, it also puts a lot of strain on the motor, because of the air restriction.

    I have a couple of the micro-kits and prefer too use them with a much smaller vac. I use the Ridgid-made "Stinger", which I think as been replaced at Home Depot with the small "Huskey" unit. Right now, Craftsman also has a similar vac on sale for $20.

    While I'm not sure that such a small restriction would could or would actually burn out the motor on your big vac, just the sound of the motor/vacuum straining would give me reason to hesitate. Even with the smaller vacs, you will hear a difference when using the micro tools, but since those unit are no where near the suction power of the WD1450, I think it is far less stressful on the motor.

    I hope this helps,