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Question regarding the WD1850 Ridgid vac

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  • Question regarding the WD1850 Ridgid vac

    I have owned the above vac for 15 months and it is the best of the many I've had. Yesterday, while using my DW735 planer, hooked up to my Oneida Dust Deputy cyclone and then to my vac, I 'smoked' the motor. I have done this many times prior and all the chips go in the collector as they should. I always use a bag in my vacs so the filter is perfectly clean. This would not bother too much if it was this one time event. However, prior to this the same thing happened with my 16 gal Shop Vac. At that time I just assumed it was the quality of the product. But now I don't know what to think and I'm leery of trying this again with my new WD1851. Is there something that these vacs don't like about being used in this manner?

    Thanks experts, Big G

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    Re: Question regarding the WD1850 Ridgid vac

    They can not handle the debris from the DeWalt planer!
    I have the same planer and purchased the optional trash can cover.

    This is for the DeWalt attaches to the debris port via a hose and the cloth shroud fits over a 33Gal or larger trash can. You must install it correctly and ensure it's tight or you'll have chips flying all over the place.

    The De Walt's debris blower has no problem blowing the debris directly into the trash can.

    Keep in mind using the Ridgid or any brand of wet/dry vac you are going from a 4" DeWalt chip port to a 2 1/2" vac hose.

    I believe carries the part DW7353 $49.80/free shipping
    Go there to see photos how it's hooked up. Disregard the one star and two star reviews as they seem to be from folks who do not know how to attach it correctly. Yes there will still be some dust but unless you use a proper dust collection system this is the best way to go.

    You'll thank me later

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Question regarding the WD1850 Ridgid vac

      +1 on what cactusman said about the DW7353. I also use this with my 735 planer and for what it is, it does a pretty good job.
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