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Smallish Water Pump?

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  • Smallish Water Pump?

    I'm just a home consumer and have a reoccurring problem: My semi-detached garage roof is very slightly bowed in the center and collects maybe 50 gallons of rainwater after a good shower. This might mean maybe 2 inches of collection at the very most.

    If it's smallish the sun evaporates it, but if there is continual rain where it collects over days there is a chance of seepage into my house (several years ago there was small dripping from the ceiling of a walk-in closet built as an addition near the garage roof).

    Currently, I get up on a ladder with a push broom and spend about a half hour sweeping the rainwater toward a drainpipe in the corner (very slightly elevated) of the garage. However, my older-aged body is growing very tired of doing that. And yes I've looked into rerouting the drainage but the estimate was to the tune of around $5,000. So...

    I would only need a smallish/med (certainly not industrial) consumer type water pump to remove the water. I'd prefer electric. The job is such a size that I'd have to think it would take more time to actually plug in and run an extension cord and get up on the ladder than it would to actually turn it on and get rid of the water; but it would still save me much arm and backache from throwing out my push-broom like a fisherman throws out and retrieves a net, repeatedly, repeatedly. Can anybody recommend a specific brand, model or national vendor who might sell something? Thank you kindly.
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    Re: Smallish Water Pump?

    Pretty much any hardware store should have something like this one. I would recommend that you use it with a corded drill however as a battery powered one may run out of battery before the job is done.
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      Re: Smallish Water Pump?

      Home Depot also carries small 120VAC pumps for under $100.00

      I'd ask you to look up while in the garage to view the underside of the roof. If it is indeed bowed You may have a serious roof problem and by pumping the "smallish" water is not a solution but a band aid until it the roof rots completely and falls on your vehicle!

      A flat roof has a different design than a pitched roof and is more expensive to repair....You may have some rotted sheathing under the roof and one day when you're up there pumping the "smallish" amount of water that's puddled you may end up falling through the roof!

      Get some roofers to give you estimates and do it right!!!

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        Re: Smallish Water Pump?

        You could always run a garden hose up there and put a brick on top of it at the low spot and then after a rain storm you could hook it up to a hose bib and run some additional water up to the roof to get the air out before starting a siphon.


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          Re: Smallish Water Pump?

          Thank you for the responses folks -- they are much appreciated.