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R3210 worm drive saw gearbox gets really hot

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  • R3210 worm drive saw gearbox gets really hot

    I bought a Ridgid worm drive last week brand new from Home Depot. First time using it, I was cutting stairs out of 2x12 pressure treated for a deck. In between cuts, I happened to touch the gearbox area, to the right of the oil fill, and it was extremely hot, almost to the point of being able to burn myself. I know the saw was getting a bit of a workout cutting the PT but this seemed a bit excessive to me. I've checked the oil and it seems fine (although the procedure with the dipstick could use a bit of improvement and yes I have seen the post on here detailing how to check the oil).

    Now this is my first experience with a worm drive saw and my question really is what's normal for the saw in terms of how hot does the gearbox get? Of course I expect the saw to get warm with use, especially being brand new and the gears breaking in but it seemed excessive. I like the saw and just want to make sure it lasts. Thanks!

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    Re: R3210 worm drive saw gearbox gets really hot

    I bought a R3210 worm drive saw yesterday at Home Depot. Before using it, I read the manual and checked the oil level. The oil level is only half-way to the lower mark on the dipstick. I have to go back and buy oil to fill it up.

    Camrs73, are you sure your saw has enough oil? I agree with you that the procedure needs improvement.

    PS - I have a Ridgid MS1290LZA compound mitre saw and I really like it. That was a big factor in buying the R3210.


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      Re: R3210 worm drive saw gearbox gets really hot


      If you plan on really working your worm drive circular saw in a serious way, I strongly suggest returning it before putting it to use and taking a good long hard look at a Bosch 1677M. There's a huge difference in quality and features.