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New VS older lithium-ion batteries

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    Re: New VS older lithium-ion batteries

    Didn't know of the internal cell changes. Interesting. DRC, the Samsung's are better? If that's the case, are these the ones also that they will/have been using for battery repair/replacement at service centers? Anyone have a word on that?


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      Re: New VS older lithium-ion batteries

      Originally posted by cactusman View Post
      If you visit e-bay you can readily notice there seems to be various generations of the 18v lithium-ion batteries.

      The obvious distinction is the way the batteries are labeled.
      The "lithium ion 18v" is different. On the newer? batteries it also says RIDGID. I refer you to the larger 3AH 18v battery. I think the newer version also sports an orange lightning bolt

      Are the batteries inside a different design? or did they simply change the exterior packaging? I ask this as some folks using the earlier lithium ion batteries seemed to have issues.

      By the way my local Home Depot stores [I've been to two] seem to only carry the 18v 1.5AH battery.

      Cactus Man
      Hey Cactus,

      I've seen these at my local HD's in Michigan and southwestern Ontario since last fall. I looked them over, and it appeared that all of the main structural make-up was the same - the connections, geometry/shape/contours of the battery, the overall design - it all appeared the same as older versions.

      In my opinion, it just looked like a simple cosmetic change. Just a newer, jazzier decal, to spice things up a bit maybe, and just add some new/renewed interest in the replacement batteries on the shelves.

      As Wartex and others have mentioned, it appears the cell manufacturer source has changed also. But the battery itself seemed to structurally still be the same, aside from the decal.


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        Re: New VS older lithium-ion batteries

        Check out they have batteries, supposedly reconditioned!