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R2611 ROS Problem

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  • R2611 ROS Problem

    I've had this sander for over three years with light home woodworking use. I pulled it out last month to use it and the 1/4" orbit diameter setting no longer works. It just vibrates alot. The 1/8" orbit works fine, just no 1/4" orbit.

    Ridgid told me that I never sent in my LLSA documents (which I did), so no warranty help from Ridgid. So I replaced the switch, brushes and the counter weight assembly and no change. Next I'll try emailing Ridgid for advice but I expect "take it to a service center" to be the canned response.

    If anyone has a fix, please let me know. It "was" a good sander for the 25 some odd hours of use I got out of it.

    Thanks for any help, I found no info w/ a forum search.