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New Tools From Ridgid Coming In The Fall

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    Re: New Tools From Ridgid Coming In The Fall

    Originally posted by CWSmith View Post

    Please explain ("now if you scroll down")... am I missing something?

    Actually I could use an inexpensive inspection camera, as I'm trying to sort out a hidden broken wire somewhere within a wall or ceiling.

    I went to Home Depot, hoping to come home with the Ridgid "micro Sea Snake" but they no longer carry it in either of the stores that I frequent. (I simply cannot comprehend what goes on with Home Depot and Ridgid tools... ridiculous partnership I think.)


    Ridgid See Snake is made by Emerson which owns the Ridgid name and licenses it out to various companies. Irwin, Disston, Jore etc. The Ridgid power tools are not made by Emerson they are made by OWT but sold under the Ridgid brand name so HD would have an exclusive Pro brand power tool line.

    The See Snake is not inexpensive it used to sell for about $200 if memory serves. You can still get them just have to go outside of the big box arena.

    And you are not alone CWS no one can comprehend what goes on with Big Orange.

    Did anyone else notice the hammers behind the Ryobi light and on the table in the first pic? Never heard of HART Hammers?
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      Re: New Tools From Ridgid Coming In The Fall


      Thanks, I know about the "license agreement", which is actually with TTI (Techtronics International), OWT's parent company. (TTI also owns Ryobi, Milwaukee, and several other companies.)

      But, I'm not exactly sure where the "See Snake Micro" falls into this. I'm under the impression that it is a TTI product (considering Milwaukee and now, Ryobi have similar products). But, as with many things that get sold through Home Depot, there's a bit of mystery as to why the store has some products and yet others are left to be "online" exclusives.

      Something like the See Snake seems to be a good fit for the stores... when you need it, it should be "available" and not something that you have to wait a week for. The stores now stock the more expensive Milwaukee brand, and fortunately now have the newly introduced Ryobi.

      In my mind, the Ridgid See Snake is going to take the "hit" on sales with this kind of marketing, as it has a price, feature, options, and warranty advantage over the Milwaukee. Yet, it's lack of immediate availability and "no options" available at Home Depot online or in store is a serious stumbling block and will force the buyer to either go with Milwaukee or Ryobi. Really stupid, from my point of view... but maybe "Ridgid" doesn't care.

      BTW, welcome to the Ridgid forum!!!



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        Re: New Tools From Ridgid Coming In The Fall

        Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
        i see the tti rep, (ridgid, milwaukee, roybi) during the week when i go to h.d. there are some new toys coming from ridgid, but he couldn't elaborate yet.

        roybi has the best led flashlight right now with their 4 volt tec line. there is a new one that is on display, but not stocked yet that i'm waiting for the call. the ones i use are 1 watt led that last 6 hours on a charge and are plenty bright with a great focus and good beam.

        the new one is 6 rota table leds that last up to 16 hours and has a high low output plus pretty water tight. great for inside of cabinets.



        I saw the new Ryobi Tek4 work light yesterday. My local store has them in stock and they are priced at $14.97 less battery. Looks good, especially with the long battery life and the magnet mount. Would be perfect for illuminating those tight work areas.



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          Re: New Tools From Ridgid Coming In The Fall

          Neat new stuff.

          And, as others have said, it's a shame that the Ryobi line comes up with (surprisingly) some neat and innovative looking stuff, no matter how inexpensive or long-term-reliable they may be.

          Yes, I would love to see, like Franki also, a Ridgid cordless (MaxSelect?) grinder and impact-wrench.

          Frustating when Ryobi comes out with it, and not in the LLSA-eligible orange-and-grey, like we all seem to want.