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Miter saw utility vehicle

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  • Miter saw utility vehicle

    does anyone one the msuv-ac9944? i just bought one about five days ago and the hand was bent on it. When i was at home depot to exchange it i noticed the one the had on display had extension legs on both sides of it, were the one i bought only had it on one side. i don't know if the one with the extensions are the new model or the old model. the ridgid's website has the instructions where it shows the extensions on both sides. Can anyone help with this?

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    Re: Miter saw utility vehicle

    Call RIDGID Customer Service.
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      Re: Miter saw utility vehicle

      Late 2009 it was reported in the forum that "new" versions of the AC9944 had only one extension support leg. Not sure whether it was cost-cutting or a redesign. I have both extension support legs on my AC9944 and prefer to have the support.

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