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Mag Drill lubrication

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  • Mag Drill lubrication

    We recently got a Slugger mag drill to play with.

    When drilling a vertical piece of 1/4" steel, the inside of the cutter burned and dulled.

    Neither of us has any experience with using these.

    We used the included "cutting paste" but that is the only lubrication the cutter got as it doesn't appear that the oiler works when vertical.

    My guess is that the only thing to do is pull the cutter back and oil it with a spray bottle during use.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Re: Mag Drill lubrication

    i thought that these drills were using a product called "hawg wash" at least years ago when i was looking into them.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Mag Drill lubrication

      Here's some. This is water based.
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        Re: Mag Drill lubrication

        I forgot that detail... Hawg Wash was being used.

        The problem is that the inside of the cutter didn't get sufficiently lubed, and got hot.

        We are toying with the idea of disconnecting the hose from the lube tank, and connecting it to a low pressure tank or something to keep the lube/cooling working while inverted.


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          Re: Mag Drill lubrication

          One thing to keep in mind is some material becomes heat treated if close to a flame cut and hard to drill.


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            Re: Mag Drill lubrication

            The area we were trying to drill was at least 3" away from any cuts/welds.

            I'm not sure, but I think I would work fine is the oiler would dispense oil while vertical.

            I'm considering a small pump, but haven't looked for one yet... I think it could be hard to find one as small as i'm thinking about.