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Need high torque tool to remove wheel bearings

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  • Need high torque tool to remove wheel bearings

    Hi there,

    I'm glad I came across this great forum. I was hoping you can give me some advice.

    I will be removing the rear wheel bearings from my car using a bearing puller. I could do it the traditional way by using a ratchet and socket, but each rotation of the ratchet pulls the bearing out by 1 millimeter at best. Since the bearing will undoubtably be on there VERY TIGHT I would be worn out before half the bearing is pulled. The bearing tool has a hex head that can receive a socket

    So do you guys know of a power tool that has the torque needed and that I can use with the bearing puller? The bearing puller can't handle an impact wrench, unfortunately. I already have a DeWalt 18V cordless impact, so something that allows me to reuse that battery would be ideal. I'm open to other suggestions, however.

    Looking to hear from you guys!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need high torque tool to remove wheel bearings

    I have worked on a number of cars and trucks and there wheel bearings,
    (I am not figuring out exactly what your working on, but that is not necessarily important)

    and on some you need a slide hammer and a special tool that fits through the inside the bearing and one can pop or pull it out, with a slide hammer puller, on some they stay on the axle, and one needs a press and a special tool to pull the bearing and some are tapered bearings and come out when the locknut is removed, one will need to drive or pull out the tapered cone, (am guessing you may be working on front wheel drive bearings),

    as far a a screw puller if it is a properly sized puller, it should not be a problem to just use a ratchet or a box end wrench, and turn the screw, (or a long handle break over bar and a socket) I do not recommend a impact wrench but if turned down they do not really do a lot of damage, if powered up they can ruin one in a few Min's, (IF TURNED DOWN on power), I do not use one on pullers, (since I buy my own tools I want them to last).
    It should only take a few Min's, and you should only need to actually move the bearing or cup less than an inch under normal conditions,

    If it is really nasty some times one will have to resort to other means, and under extreme conditions some times a blue flame wrench, (cutting torch) is needed, (at least on combine harvesters and farm equipment),

    here is a OTC instruction sheet on there FWD puller
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      Re: Need high torque tool to remove wheel bearings

      I think you will find that after the bearing breaks the initial bond there will be little force required to remove the bearing allowing you to 'spin' the ratchet easily. Worst one I have played with was on a 1/2 ton where buddy managed to break the bearing leaving the outer case fully seated in the rear end. I cut the majority of the bearing case with a dremil and then shattered it with a cold chisel. This is tricky because scoring the bearing seat will cause a leak